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Close up of a midsection of an old woman, hand in hand in lap, wearing black short with white straps

In attendance at a National Church Residences National Conference for it’s management staff in Phoenix, Arizona in October 2018, Jamie Anderson learned of an upcoming and un-avoidable affordable housing crisis in which millions of “older adults” would be at high risk of becoming homeless. Having witnessed the many different struggles and challenges that our senior population has on a daily basis with their overall health and mobility issues, he knew this would be a major catastrophe, a hindrance on quality of life, and a shortening of their life expectancy. As the guest speaker and the room silenced in the background, Jamie felt a chill flow through his body and all of his hair stood up on end. He didn’t know what to do or how to help, but he felt the Lord was speaking to him directly and he felt that he was being called to do something. After much prayer and a whole lot of patience, the Lord spoke and Jamie listened. The Golden Years Project was founded three months later, on January 16th, 2019. GYP is currently ramping up to implement the programs our Father In Heaven has shown to him in his visions.   

The Golden Years Project is a faith based organization whose mission is to acquire and develop safe, permanent, quality, affordable housing for person’s 62 years of age and over in order to meet the demand of an aging population due to a massive wave of retirees that will double our senior population from 45 million to 90 million people and will leave 12.7 million older adults at high risk for homelessness called, The Silver Tsunami. Due to extremely long waiting lists across the United States for HUD Choice Vouchers and entrance into Affordable Senior Housing Communities, our mission includes an effort to raise funding so that we may help people on these waiting lists remain in their current housing situations by providing a monthly subsidy until permanent affordable housing has been obtained.